neither neat nor perfect


I just found this very interesting picture online, and the story behind it is even more interesting.The  Dutch Journal of Medicine (NTvG) published an article that was describing  over 12 anatomical inaccuracies in this painting . After hours of scrutiny and zooming in the picture, I managed to find few of my own. One of those being the dissected “right” hand which is actually anatomically the left hand.


This was painted by a Dutch painter named Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. (Dutch names are as complicated as Dutch people) I had no idea why Rembrandt painted “two right hands” for this poor man. I thought it was just the artist`s prerogative until I researched about the man on the table.

The story is actually quite interesting. The body on the table is the body of a 41 year old Adriaan Adriaaanszoon (another complicated Dutch name), a criminal who had been sentenced to death. Only criminals were allowed to be used for dissections in those times.
What is little known is that the criminal had already had his hand chopped off before as punishment for stealing! The painter used his imagination to recreate that scene.

I was quite moved by how the painter managed to sum this criminals life`s specifics with a mere paint and a paintbrush and this made me think that maybe our lives are not as complicated as we may like/make them to sound.

Maybe the music is not composed by a drunken retard with a broken trumpet. I am tempted to believe that all the chaos of our lives is a controlled chaos, that redirects our path. The meaning in our lives is crafted by all those meaningless minor events to create a more meaningful life.


Who is the Bartender looking at? Fascinating stuff!

Who is the Bartender looking at? Fascinating stuff!