Creativity is overratted

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Creativity is overrated, it is funny how we are always expected to create “new things, the next big thing, a maters piece” out of thin air, People are not that creative honestly, every idea is birthed by previous ideas. We modify on old opinions to make them more factual and much better.

There is nothing new under the sun, everything that is, was, and everything that was will be, just look at how fashion always re-surfaces after ages of laying dormant. We should not aspire to magically create new ideas, but rather modify on existing ideas to make them better and more efficient.Starting from the time of gramma-phones, telephone to cellphones, these are not new ideas but modifications and improvements to old existing ideas.

New ideas are accidental, just think how Issac Newton came up with the Universal Gravitational Law… when an apple accidentally landed of his head. I am…

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