The Trojan Horse III

Today I was invite to a lecture by Professor Premesh Lalu of UWC. In his lecture Prof Lalu was presenting the role of television in ushering globalization in the Cape Flats during the late 70`s. Over the past few years I have developed a muzzy fondness for the Arts and History.

I am of the thinking that all faculties in our institutions are about making life easy to live and not about living it. The faculty of health science is about eliminating pain out of our bodies, engineering is about simplifying our activities of daily living, none of these faculties give us the desire to want to live in the first place. It is only through arts were men want to live, the beauty of reciting a sonnet to a pretty girl and watch her blush, the sweetness of emotions listening to stories of by-gone heroes in unimaginable.This is what makes men want to roll out of their beds everyday.

I have deep appreciation of sculptures I think  when the sculptor creates a massive sculpture twice is size, it`s as if he is fine-tuning the grand master-piece of the Creator. Think about it: whatever creature that exists in the dark corners of our minds has a chance of stepping closer to life. Sculptures are like the fong-kongs of real life.Today I was touched by the work of Willie Bester, the Trojan Horse III…

The Trojan Horse III commemorates  the Trojan Horse Massacre that happened in Athlone, Cape Town in the 80`s . It was in October 1985, at the peak of the  tensions between anti-apartheid demonstrators, police came to a head in Athlone. This was eleven days after the Government declared a state of emergency in other parts of the country, police hidden in the back of a South African Railways truck fired directly into a hundred-strong crowd at an intersection on Thornton Road.

Lives were lost, blood was spilled, yet another reminder that there are just things that human beings should never do to each other. Because it was an ambush, the incident became known as the “Trojan Horse Massacre.” 

Willie Bester Trojan Horse III 2007. Mixed media sculpture,

Willie Bester Trojan Horse III 2007. Mixed media sculpture,



The last day of class


I am still in denial that this was my last class. I mean I started going to classes in 1997, going to school is the only thing I know how to do. It can not all end like broken record in a party while the kids are still dancing makes me ask serious questions.

No doubt formal education has afforded me many opportunities that my peers in my village did not have, but is this it? 17 years of schooling summed up in a piece of pape? Have I learned anything?…no doubt I am a fairly good physiotherapist, but did I spend 17 years of my life learning techniques of cracking lower-back pain? There has to be more to it.

Look it maybe too late to ask this question now, but how many students know what they want or even want to be when they grow up? Not long ago my dream was to be a magician (judge all you want but that a cool career),

Does choosing a course in you first year mean choosing your destiny? Is a persons destiny pre-determined and set-out, or is it a  persons duty to create his destiny along they way from the wisdom he picks up as he is growing. No doubt that what you studied will influence your outlook and engagement with life.

The way I see it, formal (as in classrooms and PowerPoints with no power nor the point) education offers you a template of learning how to learn, techniques of acquiring knowledge. from thereon you can learn anything you want under the sun. Your degree should never be the limitation to what you have to offer the world.

As a boy I had many dreams, at some point I wanted to be a magician… yes as in abrakadabra. I still want to create magical things that did not exist before, maybe not as magicians, but I want to create magical moments and build things that will make people believe that they can fly. I just want to exploit every ounce of ability that God invested in me, I know there is soo much I have to give birth to.

So in as much as this is the last day of class, its also my first day at the university of life. A first day in learning new things about  living my dreams. Being old is not only about paing your tax its also about continuing to learn