Winning or dying in the ring


Having a disabled sibling who requires repeated medical attention is quite an ordeal in so many levels, my elder sister was born with Cerebral Palsy which made her quadriplegic. My family knows the horrors and beauties of SA public healthcare system. As such I have dedicated my life in making public healthcare more efficient. I remember absconding my village home at the age of 11 years for a near by township, so I can have science subjects on my matric certificate. I told my parents that I want to be a doctor!

Today I am holding a letter that says I will be studying MBChB (Medicine) at one of our countries leading medical school (after 7 years of trying)…I can not help but to reflect on my previous path, I remember my sister, through her disorder, I ordered my own life to become a doctor one day. I remember my father who supported me through and through till his last breath. I am not particularly excited but I am READY!

I am looking forward in starting the path before me, having a wonderful mother who supports me, a brother who understands me. It has not been an easy one, no doubt…but there is no life -event I would want to takeout of its all. I am a sum total of all the pain and laughter.