Physiotherapy Community Service Reflections

11 months ago u was given a task to set up a physiotherapy department, I knew my clinical skills set would not get any better than they were. I remember walking in this very mall to buy books on business management and leadership. I was about to lead a team of 3 physio-assistants with over 30 years of experience
in the field, I also had to train 1 physiotherapy auxiliary worker, who had no clue what physiotherapists do.

Today I have less than 2 weeks in this job before resigning to pick up a pen and a stethoscope and learn to be a doctor at Stellenbosch University.

I have served this community the best possible way I could manage, I have watched people leaving their wheelchairs for tekkies.

I also watched people slowly dying in front of me. At times I felt helpless and frustrated by the fact I was doing too little to help. Most
times I felt very priviladged to be doing my little.

Today, today is about celebrating the work I have done. Its about saying Thank to God for trusting me with his people. Its about
Thanking God for the families He allowed me to touch, both literally and figuratively.

I will always be a physiotherapist, because I will always seek to touch people in ways that
makes pain minimal and hope magnified.

I can not say I am a better physiotherapist than I was a year ago, but I am definitely a better human being, a better son and a
better brother.

I am quite lucky to have been mothered by a women of my mom’s stature. Even though
she does not have much, but she gave me the world, she believes in me. I am here gift to the world.

Today I am going back home, to seal this chapter. I am very much grateful for all that this life gave me.

I am grateful to the people
who put big monies to pay for my dreams.

I am grateful to the people who invited me in boardroom meetings and gave me complicated publications that I hardly understood.

I am thankful to the old doctors who thought me that being a good person is far more important than being good doctor.

What lays ahead is a moment I have lived a thousand times in my head, medicine has been for most of the time been about me, how itmade ME feel, the excitement of tiptoe-ing life and death. Its no longer about that anymore, it not about ME.

I also want to thank in advance the person/people who will be paying the next million plus rands to make this dream a reality. And
of course the student in the #FeesMust  campaign who made
sure that I can at least afford to pay the first year’s tuition fees from my own pocket.

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