Worldview scrutiny

My world views for most of the part influenced by the way I have been socialized, they are further influenced by the values I have picked up while growing up. But the good thing about world views or any other views for that matter is that they evolve, they are never stagnant. Worldviews should never be static, they should be always visited and modified, in order for people to coexist with people that come from from different backgrounds to live cohesively with.
one another.

I grew up in a small community that, that practiced similar beliefs, and more or less had a similar outlook in life. How ever after spending many years in different parts of the world and living with different people from backgrounds who believed in different religions some of them not subscribing to any particular system of belief. I quickly learned that each of us have a freedom to choose our worldview not merely blindly accept what our families gave us. My Afro-centric Judeo-Christian upbringing is also influenced by the realization that I am equally a child of the universe. My views about humanity can not only be based from my heritage, but my worldview should be founded upon uBuntu, doing unto others as I would have them do unto me.

Because I traveled different spaces around the world, I learned that I belong to the Human race, before I belong to the black race, I learned that love is my religion and not just Christianity, I am a child of the universe before I am a child of the African people. My worldview is has evolved and continues to evolves. It has evolved from the rigid identity that was given to me by my parents and those who helped to raise me into a complex framework that treats people, as unique people not groups.

It is important to also analyse how we got our worldviews, to its fundamental source our worldviews are the gift of our heritage, they are passed down from parents to children. But they also go deeper than that, our worldviews are also part of our unique experiences, they are influenced by the books we read, the people we meet and the gods we worship. The understanding of how we acquire our world views will help us as health professionals to understand people with different kinds of worldviews from our own, because they acquired their worldviews from different sources and experiences and socialization.

However I also understand that our worldviews are more than a matter of the mind alone, they are more than our explanation to live`s hard questions, but they are also a matter of the heart. Worldviews are are hopes and beliefs, our worldviews are our hope and dreams for the future.

They are constructed by smaller pockets of societies, how we view the world is different from person to person based on the communities that give us a sense of belonging and comradeship, but this distinction also creates an arena of outsiders and insiders.

Worldviews can be destructive when we start making assumptions about others who have different worldviews from us. Our worldviews operate on the background, in our subconscious minds and we are pretty much unaware of them. It is easy to go about with our lives without questioning how we view the world.

I am of the belief that worldviews should never be imposed on others, especially by healthcare professionals, because we work with people who come from different walks of life. We are doctors and physio`s before we are Imams and Born-again Christians, and that does not mean our own worldviews and outlook at life is less important. What is important though is the patient’s well-being.