The ying-yang of leadership


There are stories in which I wish I can share with you, but I cannot I can not. They are too personal and too special, they only belong in deep pockets of my heart and that`s where they are going to stay.

In my few months being at medical school I have met a wide spectrum of wonderful people, people who have and still contribute so much to the development of Africa.

People who have challenged me to think much deeper and much more creative. These people have challenged me in all manners and avenues of life. No doubt I have been pushed to my limits, but most beautifully I watched the inner me unleashing the beast within me. I am grateful to all the experience and more grateful for more that`s to come.

I discovered that most of the problems I have been questioning myself about are nothing new. They have existed before I was even aware of them. They did not exist when I became aware about them, chances are they will continue to exists even after I have taken my shot at solving them.

I love this atmosphere, its an atmosphere for learning. I am  surrounded by a web of intelligent and charismatic people, who can sell you sand in the desert. BUT I am not very much interested in their speeches and and words more than deeds. that no longer interests me. Because I have many charismatic leaders who have been corrupted and blinded by power and greed.

I am now interested in small things that people do, things that people think don`t matter:

I look at how they talk to their subordinates,
how they talk to cleaners in corridors,
how they answer silly questions,
and even how they eat in table,
whether is it continental or American style of dinning.

I am now concerned about what people read, whether they are wearing a V-necked jersey or a rounded color jersey. They say you can tell a lot about a man from the shoes his wearing, I think a jersey will tell you far more.

I am not fascinated by the gross skills of leadership…the pompous words and persuasive speech, I am over that….what is more important to me now is the ‘soft-skills of leadership’ courtesy, manners, etiquettes, netiquettes, respector of people not persons. Being able to challenge authority and still being respectful. Being meek but not weak.