The psych of a medical student

The training of doctors has been something that has been kept secretive for decades by medical schools. How institution transform people into life giving machines has been somewhat miraculous.

“Medicine is my life” its the only thing i ever wanted to do ever since i was a child”

I can not recall how many times have i heard my classmates saying these strong cliches. the ability to make such a long term commitment to career or anything for that matter, at such a tender age is a phenomenon in its own right.

How many 18 year olds who know themselves so well, to make such a long term decision.

I have no powers to validate or disprove any of that. but i am also aware that medical schools attract the brightest young minds in the country, this is an even more so in a developing worlds with limited resources.

The students who make it to medical school are not just beautiful minds, but also quite a talented bunch, because of that they could be great in anything they decide to do.

It is these untapped giftings and talents that medical schools are robbing the societies of. these schools take the brightest kids we have and suck out all their bright colors and colorful ideas, and leave us with mundane colorless panado prescribers .

It is very sad observing the toll medical students put on their bodies in pursuit of becoming a colorless physician. they go through coffee and cigarettes like a pedophile going through a child`s underwear drawer.

Sleep is a reward no longer a necessity. our own health is a sacrifice we pay to give health to others. the very art that gives life, is slowing sucking out ours.