Minimalism for creative writing

18ha02cpzajf0jpgI have always boggled with the idea of writing a book, I am finally in a creative space that always for that to happen. To stimulate the creative process I have adopted minimalism as a lifestyle. Side note to my sister, before she tells my mom, that  I am to strange practices , Its basically living only on what I need, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shoes, sleeping on the floor and eating when I am hungry.
I find minimalism quite stimulating for writing, as it cuts off most junk that has been part of my life. Aag!Tangent! back to the book. I have fictionalized my lived experiences to allow more room for creativity and play with the characters.
I am a very self-contradictory person, a trait that surely comes through in my book, to embrace that I have decided to use a type-writer to tell these stories. I think old-school technologies have a character we have lost in our modern devices. Everything a type-writer needs to type words is all within itself. You don`t need to worry about plugging it to a power sources or download a software to make it work,its self sufficient. Look at a book, everything that makes a book a ‘book’ is in it, no amazon sign-up no batteries just simple powerful technology.
I decided to share the first page with everyone, but that it, everything else will be done off line on my Remington typewriter of of 1940.
I am partially off the greed, well of social media really, except as a pseudo account I will be using. The main character in my book has a Facebook account, by the name of Donna Klass, its everything through her lenses.

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