Things that could not be documented


I am very much tempted to begin this blogpost with a cliche statement about how apologetic I am, for not having blogged in  such a long time, frankly I am not.

I am not apologetic for very simple but selfish reasons: I have enjoyed every little bit of experience I had over the past year, I learned from big medical giants whose names grace medical book spines, that my freind is truly better enjoyed alone. You dont want to titrate the concentration by jotting and sharing every piece of learning with audience.

the second reason for my minimal blogging comes from my backpaking expeience to Zimbambwe, sometime this year. I normaly share my travel experiences on social media, one time while frustated looking for a power socket to charge my iphone so I can post my photoes on facebook, I asked myself: would I have taken this trip, if I were to leave my camera? How much of my travel experience is synthetic to look asthetic on social media?

I think that trend of thought translates to also the experiences we choose to document online? What events do I decide to be posted and what qualifies the omission of certain events?

these questions have made me sort of skeptical about the lived experiences I decide to cement by journaling them. I think the most parts that take our breath away in travel, or the events that teach us more about ourselves and life, are the events that are abrassive and cruel, we learn the most in hardships more than in our laugther, unfortunatly those are the experiences we do not want to document or snap them.

I am all that I have experienced, I grew the most during the tough times of leaving an enriching experience.


I couldn`t help not to :/