All successful taxi drivers respect time


Like most South Africans I too have a love-hate relationship with taxi drivers. Todays I had to rush to the farmers market for my weekly supply of fresh fruits and vegies.

As per usual I took the infamous long walk to the taxi rank. Eddie (ofcourse not his real name) a taxi driver I have gotten acquinted with, pulls off next to me on the yellow line.

I love how taxi drivers go out of their way in making sure communtors do not have to walk a step furthure than its neccessary. If they see you in their rear mirror, they would rather reverse on a one-way street than see you abusing your poor gastrocnemius muscles. Eddie is no exception to this rule.

When I got in his car there were 2 other passenger. Like all taxi drivers in this cow-ntry Eddie is only considerate to passengers outside of his car, I knew the man would not ignite that bloody engine until this one last missing passnger comes.

To my astonishement Eddie was not waiting for a passenger but for time, he told us there is a passenger who works in a nearby factory that finishes at 3pm on Wednesdays and it normally takes that passenger 5 minutes to get to his stop, so we will while-away sometime before going for him.

Eddie is a different kind of a taxi driver, this man`s car is not only clean but smeels strawberries instead on the normal stinge of cigarette smell you are accustomed to expect.

I was seated on the front seat of Eddie`s taxi, and I managed to trick myself to having a small talk with my acquintance. “a taxi driver with a sense of time?, I remarked…¨all successful taxi drivers are meticulous about time¨ Eddie replied. BS! I said under-my-breath.

You dont seem convienced, so while we waited for Eddie`s passanger, he took the time to school this unschooled school-boy. He too out a small exercise book from his dash baord, you see, you always take a taxi on Wensdays to Bellville farmers market  after your classes at 4pm, I noticed you  as I do with everyone else and record you in my book.

His book had a list of people and where they work and what times they normally knock off at their places of emopployment. Eddie gathered all this information on his own, without asking us. It was scary and apparently also very accurate, because the passenger we waited for arrived at exactly at the predicted time. He banged the door, Eddie smiled, I learned.


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